30 December 2011

Grand House Entrance

This was a sketch done in about 15 mins - the decision to draw only part of the entrance was not a design consideration but was all I had time to complete.

Technical Pen and Watercolours applied with a Waterbrush (A5 Pad)

18 December 2011

Leeds Castle

I seem to be in Castle Drawing mode at present! Here is pen and wash picture of Leeds Castle. Wish I had done on a larger sheet, making it a Portrait image. This would have allowed more foreground and to put a better reflection of the castle in. But hey, that is why we do a sketch before a full size picture!

Technical Pen and Watercolours applied with a Waterbrush (A5 Pad)

14 December 2011

Orford Castle

This is Pen and Wash sketch done of Orford Castle
Pen and Wash (Water Brush). (A5 Pad)

01 December 2011

Westminster Sketch

Been very busy lately and time is just flying by (as it always seems to do this time of year). So not had chance to add any sketches till now. This one is the end of Houses of Parliament. Only had about 15 mins to do this, so not enough time to draw the more recognised tower.

Pen and Wash. (A6 Pad)

17 November 2011

London Sketch

I have been posting a lot of caricatures lately so thought it is about time I added a colour sketch. Drawn today whilst visiting London. This sketch took about 20 minutes to complete.

Pen and Wash (A6 Pad)


Mervyn King

Mervyn King caricature by Ian Davy BrownNot surprisingly Sir Mervyn King (Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee) is on the TV quite a bit at the moment. So here is a caricature of him.

Marker Pen (A5 Pad) www.IanArt.co.uk

05 November 2011

Buddhist Monk

Whilst watching program about Steve Jobs, they interviewed a Buddhist Monk who knew him. Such a wonderful character I just had to do a caricature of him.

Marker Pen (A5 Pad)

04 November 2011

Feargal Sharkey

Here is quick caricature of Feargal Sharkey (now there is a name from the past). He was being interviewed on the "News", so that gave me a few minutes to get the outline drawn. Afterwards I went over this with Marker Pen (A5 Pad).

23 October 2011

Jim Carter caricature

Here is another Character from Downton Abbey - Carson (Jim Carter). Pencil (A5 Pad)


22 October 2011

Maggie Smith caricature

Here is drawing of Maggie Smith drawn off the TV (Downton Abbey) - Marker Pen (A5 Pad)


14 October 2011

Jeremy Paxman caricature

Watch "News-night" yesterday, and did this caricature of Jeremy Paxman (had not realised how grey/white his hair had become!) Marker Pen (A5 Pad).

07 October 2011

Degas caricature

Went to the "Degas and the Ballet" Exhibition in London Yesterday. Amongst his paintings and drawings were a few photos Degas has taken, including a self portrait - Here is a quick caricature I drew from it. Marker Pen (A5 Pad).

NOTE ADDED (9th October 2011) You can now see a finished version of Degas Caricature on my main site www.IanArt.co.uk (look in the Site Map section)

17 September 2011

Church Sketch

This is a church spotted during my travels this week. Watercolour and Technical pen (A5 Pad)

07 September 2011

Layer Marney Tower

One of the things I love about travelling around to do "Live Caricatures" is going to places I probably would not otherwise visit. This drawing is of Layer Marney Tower, where I was booked to do caricatures in the evening. Having arrived early I was able to do this sketch. It is a lovely place, with lots of potential for drawing and painting. Technical Pen and Watercolour (A5 sketch Pad)

03 September 2011

Quick Caricature

Another quick caricature of a guy on TV. Eye closed because I didn't have time to get enough detail to drawn them before he was off the screen. Drawn with a brush pen.

26 August 2011

Old Barn

I spotted this old Barn whilst cycling the other day - probably would not have seen it if I was driving. Brush Pen and Watercolour (A5 sketch Pad)

16 August 2011

Another one of those interesting faces spotted on the TV.

05 August 2011

Garden Pond

This sketch was drawn using a stick and indian ink then the watercolour was added. I love drawing with a stick, it gives such a varied line. A5 Sketch Pad

11 July 2011

Street in Le Touquet

This was sketched outside a cafe in Le Touquet, using technical pen and watercolour pencils (applied by waterbrush - a must for any travelling artist). A6 Sketch Pad.

02 July 2011


Saw this chap on TV and felt he had such character, I just had to do a quick caricature of him.

23 June 2011

Old Boat

For this quick sketch I used a brush pen (for the solid outline) and then added watercolour. A6 Sketch Pad.

10 June 2011

Train Passenger

Drawing passengers on a train can offer lots of different poses but sometimes you just have to sketch the view you are given. Brush Pen and watercolour (A6 sketch Pad)

01 June 2011

St Lukes Church

Whilst visiting London I spotted St Lukes Church and did this sketch. Pencil and Watercolour (A6 size Pad). For my outdoor sketches I used a small watercolour set (14 half pans) and brush pen. If you don't know - a brush pen holds water in its barrel and by gently squeezing water is dispersed through the brush, so no water container required.

28 May 2011

Ronnie Wood Caricature

Saw Ronnie Wood being interviewed on TV, so grabbed my sketchbook and did a quick drawing.

23 May 2011

Waiting Room

Whilst in a waiting room, I saw this lady and drew a sketch. I was pleased will the looseness of this drawing.

15 May 2011

Norfolk Windmill

Norfolk Broads - Old windmill

02 May 2011

Maplestead Church

As you will see; from future posts, the subjects I sketch are quite varied. I'll start with this one of Maplestead Church (Essex). Really must get round to doing a painting of this one!