23 October 2011

Jim Carter caricature

Here is another Character from Downton Abbey - Carson (Jim Carter). Pencil (A5 Pad)


22 October 2011

Maggie Smith caricature

Here is drawing of Maggie Smith drawn off the TV (Downton Abbey) - Marker Pen (A5 Pad)


14 October 2011

Jeremy Paxman caricature

Watch "News-night" yesterday, and did this caricature of Jeremy Paxman (had not realised how grey/white his hair had become!) Marker Pen (A5 Pad).

07 October 2011

Degas caricature

Went to the "Degas and the Ballet" Exhibition in London Yesterday. Amongst his paintings and drawings were a few photos Degas has taken, including a self portrait - Here is a quick caricature I drew from it. Marker Pen (A5 Pad).

NOTE ADDED (9th October 2011) You can now see a finished version of Degas Caricature on my main site www.IanArt.co.uk (look in the Site Map section)