27 April 2012

Farm Building

This is an outhouse on a farm I saw when cycling around my local area. The picture is a tonal sketch (using just one colour) which I did later at home from a photo I took.

(A4 Pad) Watercolour.

15 April 2012

Super Hero!

This chap was being interviewed on the TV and I thought he just looked like a character from a Super Hero comic (especially with a little tweeking!)

(A5 Pad) Marker Pen

09 April 2012

Street Cafe

This sketch is of a Cafe down a side street in London. I was attracted to this subject by the lovely orange shop blind.

(A5 Pad) Marker Pen and Watercolour.

01 April 2012

Paolo Nutini Caricature

Here is a caricature I drew of the musician Paolo Nutini.

(A4 Pad) Pen and Ink