24 May 2012

Tonal Painting

With all the rain of late I have not ventured out so much to sketch so this tonal painting was done from a photo I took, whilst on a trip to France. (A4 Pad) Watercolour.

18 May 2012

Riverside Building

Here is another (tonal) sketch. This one is based on the little office building at Paper Mill Lock in Danbury Essex.

(A5 Pad) Fine Marker Pen & Watercolour

04 May 2012

Rupert Murdoch caricature

Whilst waiting for a train the other day I was looking at the news (on my phone/internet) and saw a photo of; a slightly younger, Rupert Murdoch. So I drew this quick caricature from the image on my phone.

(A6 Pad) Brush Pen