27 August 2012

Old Boat at Heybridge Painting

Using the sketch in the previous post, I then created a watercolour painting (on location). Felt I lost some of the spontaneity here that the sketch has.

(A3 Watercolour Paper) Watercolour and Brush Pen 

UPDATE: in November 2013 I did a new version of this painting, which can also be seen on this blog:-


Old Boat at Heybridge

This is another sketch done at Heybridge of an old boat in a serious need of some TLC.
(A6 Pad) Fine Liner Pen

24 August 2012

Boat Yard Heybridge

Been busy last few weeks working on my boat; between other jobs. This has been in Heybridge (near Maldon) and the great thing is the vast choice of things to sketching there (once I had done my days work on the boat of-course!).

Here is one such drawing of the boat yard, near the cafe.

(A6 Pad) Fine Liner Pen

07 August 2012

Curiosity Mars Probe

Mars Probe Curiosity cartoon by Ian Davy Brown
With the London 2012 Olympics on at present, I almost missed news on the arrival of the Mars Probe "Curiosity". Here is a cartoon to capture these two magnificent events.