23 September 2012

Pointless (BBC Quiz Show) Caricature

Here is a picture (caricatures) of the presenters on the BBC Quiz Show "Pointless", namely Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman

see http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rhg2r/episodes/player

(A4 Pad) Marker Pen (shading done digitally)

14 September 2012

Andy Murray Caricature

Here is a quick caricature of Andy Murray, following his success this summer with Olympic Gold and then becoming a Grand Slam Tennis champion.

(A5 Pad) Marker Pen + Pencil

07 September 2012

House by Garden Nursery

Whilst visiting a Garden Nursery I noticed this building alongside the car park. I would not normally draw a building as views so side on but it seemed right on this occasion.

(A6 Pad) Fine Line Marker Pen