28 October 2012

Steven Van Zandt (aka Frank Tagliano in Lilyhammer)

Steven van Zandt caricature
Here is a quick caricature of Steven Van Zandt, who plays the part of Frank Tagliano in the BBC 4 program Lilyhammer.

(A4 Pad) Marker Pen

22 October 2012

Lance Armstrong caricature (Hero to Zero!)

Lance Armstrong symbolic caricature
Following the news that Lance Armstrong has been stripped of seven Tour de France titles and banned for life for doping offences, I felt a Symbolic caricature was in order.

You can see more Symbolic caricatures on my main web site www.IanArt.co.uk

BBC Cycling Web Site

20 October 2012

Charles Demuth (Artist)

Charles Demuth caricature by Ian Davy BrownI like to find artists, draw a caricature of them and then make a painting of it using their own technique/style (see www.ianart.co.uk). Whilst researching for this I came across Charles Demuth (1883-1935) an American Watercolourist, who then using oils later in life. Fortunately there was a photo of him for me to do this caricature.

(A4 Pad) Marker (brush) pen

05 October 2012

A Camera Never Lies?

Thought I'd add a cartoon to my blog today, as previous ones seem to be quite popular.

Here is one I drew for a Birthday Card.

(A4 Pad)
Marker Pen, Text/Shading Digital