28 December 2013

Camel Beauty Pageant in United Arab Emirates

Saw new article earlier on Sky about a Camel Beauty Pageant in Untied Arab Emirates (see http://news.sky.com/story/1187663). Now this type of story is just crying out for a cartoon….
Camel Beauty Pageant

27 December 2013

Johannes Kepler (Symbolic Caricature)

Johannes Kepler, symbolic caricature by Ian Davy BrownSaw the Google Doodle today was celebrating Johannes Kepler (the 17th Century Mathematician, Astronomer and Astrologer) who was born 442 years ago today. So thought I'd create a symbolic caricature of him.

22 December 2013

NASA ISS pump repair

Saw on BBC News that the International Space Station (ISS) are doing a space walk today to fix an ammonia pump. Christmas always is a busy time of year!

ISS Ammonia Pump Repair - Spacewalk

06 December 2013

Farewell Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela by Ian Davy BrownNelson Mandela - What an amazing Man…….

20 November 2013

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year

Tai-Shan SchierenbergJust watched Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year
(see http://www.sky.com/tv/show/portrait for more info)

Here is a caricature of Tai-Shan Schierenberg who is one of the Judges. 

08 November 2013

AP McCoy Champion Jockey win 4000th Race

AP McCoy Jump Jockey caricatureI saw on the News that AP (Tony) McCoy Jump Jockey won his 4000th race, now that sounds quite an achievement!

So did a quick caricature of him (felt it needed a bit of colour so added some using PhotoShop).

01 November 2013

Old Boat - Watercolour Painting (new version)

Not posted much recently, which would imply I haven't done much artwork? But that could not be further from the truth - doing more drawing and painting than ever (commissions and for myself). For some time I have been working on my Watercolour painting (well to be more specific the "design" stage). So thought I'd upload a recent painting. Chose this one as it is based on a sketch previously posted (August 2012) and there is also an early painting of the same subject (very different rendering of the same subject this time!)

Old Boat - Heybridge watercolour by Ian Davy Brown

... and for those interested below is a tonal version I did prior to the above to identify placement of the lights and darks.

Old Boat - Heybridge by Ian Davy Brown

20 October 2013

Andros Townsend Caricature

Andros Townsend CaricatureNot had a chance to put any artwork on my blog lately so thought I'd do a quick caricature of the England and Tottenham footballer Andros Townsend.

He has had an amazing time recently. Scoring on his debut for England (against Montenegro) and today his first Premier League goal for Spurs (well it was really a cross that got lucky, but hey they all count).


22 September 2013

Mark Cavendish Wins Final Stage in Tour of Britain

Great success today for British Cycling, as Bradley Wiggins wins Tour of Britain and Mark Cavendish the final stage (his second stage win of the event). So thought this was an opportunity to upload a caricature of Mark I recently drew - commissioned by wildoo.co.uk 

Mark Cavendish Caricature

14 September 2013

Sepp Blatter - Qatar 2022 Football World Cup (cartoon)

After awarding Qatar the 2022 Football World Cup, FIFA president Sepp Blatter is now determined to switch it to the winter, overcoming the issue of high temperatures there in the Summer!

see more http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football
Sepp Blatter Qatar 2022 cartoon

24 August 2013

Big Ben (Line and Wash sketch)

Been quite some time since I put one of my daily sketches on the blog, so here is one I did when in London the other day. It took about 20 minutes to complete. (A5 sketch pad)
Big Ben London - Line and Wash sketch

05 August 2013

Peter Capaldi next Dr Who (caricature)

Peter Capaldi Dr Who caricatureHeard today that Peter Capaldi is to going to be the next Dr Who. Seems an ideal actor for the part. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006q2x0 . Great character to draw too, so here is a quick caricature of the 12th Dr Who. 

01 August 2013

Gareth Bale transfer speculation (caricature)

Gareth Bale move to Real Madrid caricatureAs news of a possible record bid from Real Madrid for Spurs, Gareth Bale is reported, I thought I'd draw this cartoon/caricature. If you are not familiar with him, its a play on his usual goal celebration (i.e. gestures a heart with his hands).

Amy Winehouse Design (Stolen)

Amy Winehouse
Thanks to Googles Image search facility (to find an picture based on one you upload) I discovered my Amy Winehouse design (drawn in 2010 and seen on my main website www.IanArt.co.k) was being used on T-Shirts and sold by Stabilitees Limited
 (in Camden London).

On contacting the company they immediately took the product off-line and said it was supplied by a designer and gave me his name and email, adding "I am afraid he is still selling or listing that design". Unfortunately the name and email given does not appear on any search (and no reply received from emailing). So if you see this image on a T Shirt, I would appreciate you letting me know ian@ianart.co.uk

22 July 2013

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - Baby Boy born today (caricature)

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess on arrival of their Baby Boy
William and Kates baby George arrives

Chris Froome Wins Tour de France (caricature)

Chirs Froome wins Tour de France caricatureHere is design commissioned to celebrate Chris Froome winning the 2013 Tour de France. Quite an incredible achivement from Team Sky having won the Yellow Jersey last year with Bradley Wiggins.

14 July 2013

Chris Froome Tour de France Stage Win

Having seen the highlights tonight on itv4 of the Tour de France and Chris Froomes brilliant stage win, I just had to do a picture. As well as retaining the "Yellow Jersey" I felt with such a win it was very fitting he also took the "King of the Mountains" Jersey.
Chris Froome Tour de France caricature

07 July 2013

Andy Murray - 2013 Wimbledon Champion - caricature

Andy Murray Wimbledon Champion caricature
Congratulation to Andy Murray on his historic achievement of becoming the first British Mens Wimbledon Champion since 1936.

22 June 2013

Sam Warburton Lions Rugby Captain caricature

Sam Warburton Lions Rugby CaptainMy blog (and twitter) have somewhat been neglected of late but I'm not complaining as it is due to being so busy. However I thought can't let June pass without putting at least one post on!

Just caught the end of the Lions first Tour Rugby match (phew that was a bit close!) and drew this quick caricature of captain Sam Warburton as he was being interviewed.

03 May 2013

Nigel Farage caricature

Nigel Farage UKIP Leader caricatureHere is caricature of Nigel Farage (UKIP leader) as they celebrate success in the local Council Elections

21 April 2013

Sir Norman Parkinson caricature

Sir Norman Parkinson caricatureHere is quick caricature of Sir Norman Parkinson (English Portrait and Fashion Photographer), who was born 100 years ago today. Could not resist drawing such a jolly face. 

19 April 2013

Ronnie Wood Caricature

Ronnie Wood CaricatureIn the early days of this blog (back in 2011) I posted a scanned copy (from my sketchbook) of a Ronnie Wood Caricature I had done. It has been quite populate, so have created a refined versions.

To see more of my caricatures please visit www.IanArt.co.uk

18 April 2013

Danny Wallace caricature

Danny Wallace CaricatureWas in London today and picked up copy of magazine ShortList. One of its contributors is Danny Wallace. Here is a caricature of him.

08 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher - "Love or Loathe ?"

Seeing the new about  the death of former PM Margaret Thatcher there seems to be two extreme opinions on what people thought of her!
Margaret Thatcher caricature

03 April 2013

Harry Beck - London Underground Map designer

Harry Beck caricature
I have always admired the London Underground Map design and had the intention of doing a Harry Beck "symbolic" caricatures for quite some time. Well finally here it is...

29 March 2013

Pope Francis caricature

Pope Francis caricatureSaw a great photo of Pope Francis in the paper yesterday - could not resist doing a caricature from it.

Roy Lichtenstein caricature

Roy Lichtenstein caricatureI went to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at Tate Modern (London) yesterday. It was going to the previous one of these (at the Tate 2004?) that started my series on "caricatures of the artists - using their style/technique". So thought I would create a new caricature for Mr Lichtenstein. However for this I have put a slight twist on his technique! A lot of "Pop Art" has often raised the question about copyright infringement?

23 March 2013

Ed Miliband Caricature

Ed Miliband Caricature
Here is a quick caricature I drew today of Ed Miliband, who was at a "policy forum" in Birmingham.

17 March 2013

Sam Waterston caricature

Sam Waterston caricature
Here is a caricature I drew today of the actor Sam Waterston - from the US TV series "Law and Order"

10 March 2013

Ben Affleck (Argo) Symbolic Caricature

Here is my latest symbolic caricature for the film 'ARGO' Directed by and starring Ben Affleck.

09 March 2013

Kevin Kilbane caricature

Kevin Kilbane caricature
Just drew this caricature of football pundit Kevin Kilbane, who was a guest on BBC Sports Football Focus programme.

05 March 2013

Perri Shakes-Drayton caricature

Perri Shakes-Drayton caricature
Here is quick caricature of Perri Shakes-Drayton, who won two golds at the European Indoor Championships. Well done Perri.

01 March 2013

Elementary TV Series caricature

Jonny Lee Miller Lucy Liu caricature
Here is my latest caricature for the TV Series Elementary, which stars Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu

22 February 2013

Audrey Hepburn caricature

Gone a bit retro today and drawn a caricature of Audrey Hepburn

18 February 2013

Richard Briers

Richard Briers
Heard today about the passing of Richard Briers.

11 February 2013

Pope Benedict Resigns

The surprise story today - Pope Benedict is to resign !

10 February 2013

Quentin Tarantino Caricature

Quentin Tarantino caricatureHere is a caricature of Quentin Tarantino, who just won a BAFTA for Best Original Screenplay for his film Django Unchained.

(A4 Pad) Marker Pen

08 February 2013

Asteroid 2012 DA14

Asteroid 2012 DA14
Apparently the Asteroid 2012 DA14, will be passing close to Earth next week!

01 February 2013

Think the Kettle needs descaling!

Kettle needs descalingChatting to a friend yesterday about descaling kettles and this idea for a cartoon popped into my head.

(A4) Marker Pen

19 January 2013

David Bowie Caricature (colour)

David Bowie caricature by Ian Davy Brown
In my previous post is a caricature/sketch I drew of David Bowie. Working from this I then created a refined/coloured version.

Further examples like this can be seen on my main web site www.IanArt.co.uk

18 January 2013

David Bowie caricature

David Bowie caricature by Ian Davy BrownHearing recently the David Bowie is back in the studio prompted me to draw a caricature of him. This is my initial drawing from which I will uses as a starting point to create a more refined version. 

(A5 Pad) Marker pen - Toning digital 

14 January 2013

Daniel Day Lewis caricature

Daniel Day Lewis caricatureJust seen news about Golden Globe awards, with Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best actor in a drama for his role in the biopic Lincoln. I have done a caricature of DDL before but he looks quite different with his latest haircut.

(A5 Pad) Marker Pen

12 January 2013

Duchess of Cambridge Portrait

Duchess of CambridgeAs the Duchess of Cambridge’s first official portrait (painted by Paul Emsley) is unveiled, I thought I'd do a small watercolour picture of my own.

Not great but hopefully I won't be sent to the Tower to be beheaded for this!