19 January 2013

David Bowie Caricature (colour)

David Bowie caricature by Ian Davy Brown
In my previous post is a caricature/sketch I drew of David Bowie. Working from this I then created a refined/coloured version.

Further examples like this can be seen on my main web site www.IanArt.co.uk

18 January 2013

David Bowie caricature

David Bowie caricature by Ian Davy BrownHearing recently the David Bowie is back in the studio prompted me to draw a caricature of him. This is my initial drawing from which I will uses as a starting point to create a more refined version. 

(A5 Pad) Marker pen - Toning digital 

14 January 2013

Daniel Day Lewis caricature

Daniel Day Lewis caricatureJust seen news about Golden Globe awards, with Daniel Day-Lewis winning Best actor in a drama for his role in the biopic Lincoln. I have done a caricature of DDL before but he looks quite different with his latest haircut.

(A5 Pad) Marker Pen

12 January 2013

Duchess of Cambridge Portrait

Duchess of CambridgeAs the Duchess of Cambridge’s first official portrait (painted by Paul Emsley) is unveiled, I thought I'd do a small watercolour picture of my own.

Not great but hopefully I won't be sent to the Tower to be beheaded for this!