21 April 2013

Sir Norman Parkinson caricature

Sir Norman Parkinson caricatureHere is quick caricature of Sir Norman Parkinson (English Portrait and Fashion Photographer), who was born 100 years ago today. Could not resist drawing such a jolly face. 

19 April 2013

Ronnie Wood Caricature

Ronnie Wood CaricatureIn the early days of this blog (back in 2011) I posted a scanned copy (from my sketchbook) of a Ronnie Wood Caricature I had done. It has been quite populate, so have created a refined versions.

To see more of my caricatures please visit www.IanArt.co.uk

18 April 2013

Danny Wallace caricature

Danny Wallace CaricatureWas in London today and picked up copy of magazine ShortList. One of its contributors is Danny Wallace. Here is a caricature of him.

08 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher - "Love or Loathe ?"

Seeing the new about  the death of former PM Margaret Thatcher there seems to be two extreme opinions on what people thought of her!
Margaret Thatcher caricature

03 April 2013

Harry Beck - London Underground Map designer

Harry Beck caricature
I have always admired the London Underground Map design and had the intention of doing a Harry Beck "symbolic" caricatures for quite some time. Well finally here it is...