20 November 2013

Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year

Tai-Shan SchierenbergJust watched Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the year
(see http://www.sky.com/tv/show/portrait for more info)

Here is a caricature of Tai-Shan Schierenberg who is one of the Judges. 

08 November 2013

AP McCoy Champion Jockey win 4000th Race

AP McCoy Jump Jockey caricatureI saw on the News that AP (Tony) McCoy Jump Jockey won his 4000th race, now that sounds quite an achievement!

So did a quick caricature of him (felt it needed a bit of colour so added some using PhotoShop).

01 November 2013

Old Boat - Watercolour Painting (new version)

Not posted much recently, which would imply I haven't done much artwork? But that could not be further from the truth - doing more drawing and painting than ever (commissions and for myself). For some time I have been working on my Watercolour painting (well to be more specific the "design" stage). So thought I'd upload a recent painting. Chose this one as it is based on a sketch previously posted (August 2012) and there is also an early painting of the same subject (very different rendering of the same subject this time!)

Old Boat - Heybridge watercolour by Ian Davy Brown

... and for those interested below is a tonal version I did prior to the above to identify placement of the lights and darks.

Old Boat - Heybridge by Ian Davy Brown