28 December 2013

Camel Beauty Pageant in United Arab Emirates

Saw new article earlier on Sky about a Camel Beauty Pageant in Untied Arab Emirates (see http://news.sky.com/story/1187663). Now this type of story is just crying out for a cartoon….
Camel Beauty Pageant

27 December 2013

Johannes Kepler (Symbolic Caricature)

Johannes Kepler, symbolic caricature by Ian Davy BrownSaw the Google Doodle today was celebrating Johannes Kepler (the 17th Century Mathematician, Astronomer and Astrologer) who was born 442 years ago today. So thought I'd create a symbolic caricature of him.

22 December 2013

NASA ISS pump repair

Saw on BBC News that the International Space Station (ISS) are doing a space walk today to fix an ammonia pump. Christmas always is a busy time of year!

ISS Ammonia Pump Repair - Spacewalk

06 December 2013

Farewell Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela by Ian Davy BrownNelson Mandela - What an amazing Man…….