28 August 2014

Olympic Park Orbit (logo)

Olympic Park Orbit logo design by Ian Davy Brown
Went to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stratford yesterday. Decided to go up the Orbit and pleased I did as it was a very enjoyable experience. Doing my usual sketching, I did one of the Orbit (very complicated). This made me think how could this; the largest piece of public art (designed by Anish Kapoor), be drawn in a simplified form and still represent the subject (as I try to do with my logos and caricatures). Here is my first attempt.

Afterwards I looked at the booklet "ArcelorMittal Orbit" guide and saw the official logo. Please to see it is totally different to what I had created.


16 August 2014

Lighthouse Watercolour Painting

Been doing a lot of experimentation with my watercolour painting lately and this was trying out a looser (calligraphic) style.
Lighthouse watercolour painting by Ian Davy Brown

15 August 2014

Lauren Bacall caricature

Lauren Bacall caricatureBeen awhile since I last posted anything on my blog… lots happening (all good I'm glad to say). During August I have been taking part in #DrawAugust (on twitter @iandavybrown) so been posting drawings on there.

Yesterdays drawing (for twitter) was tribute to Lauren Bacall (who died day before). Here is a refined version.