21 December 2015

Harbour Masters Hut Watercolour

For this picture I used direct watercolour painting method, Starting with a light wash then adding mid values and finally darks plus calligraphy.

watercolour painting by Ian Davy Brown

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23 November 2015

Jurgen Klopp caricature

Jurgen Klopp caricatureHere is a recent caricature I drew of Jurgen Klopp Liverpool Football Club Manager.

15 October 2015

Old Barn Watercolour Painting

As my watercolour painting experiments continue, here is one where I have uses glazing.
watercolour painting by Ian Davy Brown
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15 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn caricature

Jeremy Corbyn caricature by Ian Davy Brown
Jeremy Corbyn caricature by Ian Davy Brown

As Jeremy Corbyn has become the new Labour Party Leader, thought I really should do a caricature of him.

10 April 2015

Richie Benaud tribute

Richie Benaud Caricature

Heard this evening that Richie Benaud, the former Australia captain and iconic cricket commentator had died. For me he was one of the great commentators of any sport. Just done this caricature of him as my tribute.


10 February 2015

Sam Smith caricature

Sam Smith Symbolic Caricature by Ian Davy BrownThe British singer Sam Smith celebrated a fantastic night at the Grammy Awards this week, winning four of the top prizes. This gave me the idea to do a symbolic caricature of him with a grammy award reference.


22 January 2015

ECB Mario Draghi Caricature

ECB President Mario Draghi caricatureJust been watching the announcement by the European Central Bank president Mario Draghi. Honestly I was concentrating on the important news about QE…. but could not resist doing a caricature of him. 

Trillion euro boost for eurozone